Star Trek – afterthoughts!

21 Jul

If I were to say to you right now “I know how you love a good groan”, regular readers would get a strange, sinking feeling that they can guess what’s coming! I am, however, going to do it anyway!

While pondering my last piece on the 50 years of Star Trek’s existence I thought of the various “spin-offs” of what is now known merely as “TOS” (The Original series).

There were (in what I think is the right order of on-screen appearance) “The Next Generation”, “Deep Space 9”, “Voyager” and “Enterprise” – but that’s just TV Series with real actors – I am excluding odds and sods such as animated versions.

It occurred to me that the influence of the show spread into popular music as well – notably the 1980s band “T’Pau” whose hit “China in your hand” was a huge singalong favourite of my daughter Hannah when she was about 4 ½ years old.

The band was named after a Vulcan character T’Pau (the Matriarch of Spock’s family) in an episode where Spock returns to his home planet when the mating urge comes upon him. I won’t give away the plot but it also concerns his childhood betrothal to a Vulcan girl named T’Pring.

The other principal Vulcan female character in the series is T’Pol, the rather attractive First Officer in “Enterprise”. As this is a prequel set some time before The Original Series it also features at some point a much younger version of T’Pau.

Is that all clear? Good.

By the way I don’t know why so many female Vulcans have the “T” and the apostrophe at the start of their names – perhaps the creators thought of them as originating in Yorkshire!

If you are not from around here and didn’t get that last reference, get a northern Brit to explain it for you.

Anyway, while I was doing the above mentioned pondering I was also (who says Men can’t multitask?) doing the washing up, specifically the new Frying Pan that my dear wife purchased recently.

After looking at its packaging prior to giving it the suggested initial cleaning with soapy water, I left the kitchen and sought out Faith,

“Did you know that this new non-stick pan is of extra-terrestrial manufacture?” I asked.

“What are you talking about?” she replied with a certain suspicion creeping into her voice.

“It was made on Vulcan, probably by a couple of Spock’s Aunties”.

“Oh go on then” she said resignedly and knowing that something incredibly bad was about to happen, “Finish it and tell me who!”

“T’Fal and T’Flon”

That’s all!


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One response to “Star Trek – afterthoughts!

  1. Vincent

    July 22, 2016 at 2:02 pm

    I’m sure there are those who will disagree with me (there usually are) but for me, Star Trek ended when Voyager finally made it back home and the last original movie was released (or perhaps escaped – it was dire).

    Since then, all we’ve had was Enterprise – which did not include the words Star Trek in the title – which did EVERYTHING wrong and was NOT canon.

    Followed by the more recent movies – which are also not canon and are clearly just more KIDS’ fare.

    It was great for nearly half a century, pairing Rod Serling’s concept of revolving story genres (straight sci-fi is ratings DEATH) with a wide high concept – but all things must pass.

    Live long and prosper!


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