Who are you?

27 Jul

As you may be aware from the address of the site, this blog is published by WordPress who provide everything the budding young blogger (that’s ME in case you didn’t realise) needs to get his or her work “out there”!

If you are fortunate enough to be able to subscribe to your own domain address you can still use WordPress (henceforth referred to as “WP”) to prepare your web content using the array of templates and tools that they provide – absolutely free. There are, in fact, Corporate Services (sounds like a brothel for fat businessmen) that WP does charge for and they are what enable the company to support we amateurs for nothing.

I, unfortunately, do not have the wherewithal to shell out on a separate web address – I hear that it can cost a whole £1.99 per month and I’m now a “penniless pensioner” you know. So I continue to take advantage of the WP free hosting service and all the little extras it gives me.

I have rattled on sufficiently in past articles about my total word count – which comes from a spreadsheet of my own as WP does not provide that figure (or at least I haven’t found it yet if they do) and mentioned quite recently the total number of items posted (this is number 280) which it DOES give me.

It is, however, the statistics about YOU, the reader, that interest me. I have always had the facility to see who subscribes to be notified by email whenever I produce something and I know that all of my Facebook contacts get a notification that way (because I get one myself under my real name) whenever a new piece appears.

Neither of those methods tells me which (if any) of them actually clicks on the link to open the web page and up until 2012 I had no other clues to the identities or the whereabouts of my readership.

In 2012 however, WP added a facility to the readership stats page, on the daily, weekly, monthly and annual tabs that shows a small map of the world with the countries from which the site has been accessed highlighted with the number of “hits” for each country.

Because I’m that sort of person I’ve been back over the maps for 2012 to 2016 and listed the countries concerned. I do not have immediately at my beck and call the total number of recognised countries in the world but my total of 70 must be a sizeable percentage!

I expected the appearance of the UK and Thailand at the head of the list, can deduce others from friends who either live in or periodically visit other nations and I expect that a number of the more unlikely ones (Gabon, Netherlands Antilles or Paraguay for example) MAY possibly be the source of some of the many spamming attacks that WP protects me from.

That still leaves quite a lot where people may have stumbled across one of my pieces via an apparently unrelated search term and have now become “hooked”.

So, if that describes you and you read these posts on any sort of regular basis, thank you for your continuing support but as you know so much about ME and what makes me tick, I would like to know about YOU!

I have reactivated the email account and would like you to write and tell me who you are, where you are, how you found me and what you thought of my stuff. If you wouldn’t mind, of course. If the responses are interesting you may feature as part of a follow-up post.

I can’t promise you some kind of on-line “pen pal” type correspondence but who knows? After all we can’t have too many friends, can we?


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One response to “Who are you?

  1. Vincent

    July 27, 2016 at 8:36 pm

    I too am bamboozled by WP’s stats. As best I can figure, I get about 100 hits a day (as opposed to 100 THOUSAND on YouTube) for my (approaching) 1,000 monographs. And it would appear people read an average of 1.5 pieces per visit (although how they figure THAT out I can’t imagine).

    And as with YouTube, about HALF of my hits are for a SMALL percentage of my uploads.

    But as for geographical, gawdnose. Unlike with YouTube (where about 50% of my hits come from the US) – I can’t find out ANYTHING on WP. How DID you discover that “small map of the world”? Where do I find it???


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